Terms and Conditions


Accommodation – the property at Osdale Cottages booked by the Booking Guest, being either Osdale Farmhouse, Osdale Byre or both properties in the same booking

Booking Guest – the person booking the Accommodation

Guest(s) – person or persons listed on the booking form and staying at the Accommodation

Osdale Cottages – the properties and surrounding land known as Osdale Farmhouse and Osdale Byre

Owners – Lucy Bannister and Anne Williams, the owners of Osdale Cottages

Rental Fee – the total rental charge in respect of a booking of Accommodation, including any charges in respect of pets

Making a Reservation

A booking can be made via our website (www.osdalecottages.com) or by contacting the Owners by email or telephone to check dates and availability.For bookings made via our website, the Booking Guest will receive an automatically generated booking summary by email. Receipt of the booking summary does not form a contract between the Booking Guest and the Owners. A contract will only arise when the deposit has been paid in full and the Owners confirm the booking via email to the Booking Guest.

A booking will be held for 48 hours without payment of a deposit, after which it will be released. We require a deposit to secure a booking equal to 25% of the Rental Fee. This can be paid via bank transfer or online payment. Any banking fees in respect of payment transfers are the liability of the Booking Guest.

The balance of the Rental Fee is due 56 days prior to a stay, payable either by bank transfer or online payment. Bookings made less than 56 days before a stay commences require full payment of the Rental Fee at the time of booking. Upon receipt of the final balance the Owners will issue the check-in details for the Accommodation.

Security Deposit

The Owners reserve the right to require the payment of a security deposit of £100 in respect of each rental payable by the Booking Guest at the time of payment of the balance of the Rental Fee. The security deposit will be re-paid by the Owners to the Booking Guest within 2 weeks of the end of the rental period, subject to the deduction of any payments, costs and expenses owing to the Owners in accordance with these booking terms and conditions. 


Accommodation can only be used for holiday purposes and only by the Booking Guest and Guests. The Booking Guest will not sub-let the Accommodation or otherwise allow persons other than Guests to stay at the Accommodation or use Osdale Cottages for camping or any other purpose. Osdale Farmhouse and Osdale Byre each accommodate a maximum of 4 people.  Maximum occupancy can only be exceeded with the written agreement of the Owners at the time of booking and will incur additional charges.  A cot may only be occupied by a child aged 24 months or younger.

Length of stay

Bookings are based on a 7-night stay from Saturday to Saturday. Shorter stays of 3 or 4 nights may be available and will be charged at between 70% and 80% of the weekly rate at the Owners’ discretion. Stays of 5 or 6 nights will be charged at the 7 night rate.

Cancellation and non-usage

Subject to the paragraphs on refunds below, the Booking Guest will be liable for payment of the balance of the Rental Fee 56 days prior to the date of the rental. Please notify the Owners in writing via email (info@osdalecottages.com) if you need to cancel your booking.

Bookings made from 8th June 2020 for a stay commencing on or after 1st August 2020 automatically benefit from cancellation protection where the Booking Guest cancels up to and including 2 days prior to commencement of the stay, in which case the Booking Guest will receive a full refund of payments made. The refund payment for a cancelled booking will be made to the Booking Guest no later than the date of departure of the cancelled booking.

Cancellations made 1 day prior to the commencement of a stay, or on the day of arrival, will not be eligible for a refund and the Rental Fee will be forfeited in full.

For example, for a stay commencing on a Saturday the Booking Guest must notify the Owners by email no later than the previous Thursday for a full refund of the Rental Fee. Cancellation on the Friday or Saturday would incur the full Rental Fee.

In the event of cancellation of a Booking made before 8th June 2020 the Owners will endeavor to re-let the Accommodation. If successful we will refund any payments made by the Booking Guest up to the date of cancellation less any difference in the rental fee achieved in the replacement booking. If we are unable to re-let the Accommodation the cancellation costs will be as follows: more than 56 days before arrival the deposit will be forfeited, less than 56 days before arrival the Rental Fee will be forfeited.

Unless a booking has been cancelled in writing in accordance with these terms and conditions the Owners are not liable for Guests’ non-use of Accommodation due to disruption of transport, weather, illness, industrial action or any other reason beyond the Owners’ control and no refunds will be made in respect of such non-usage.

Bookings to stay at Osdale Cottages are made in good faith that the Accommodation will be fit for purpose and available for the agreed length of stay. In the event of Accommodation becoming unavailable due to a problem with the property or facilities beyond the Owners’ reasonable control we have the right to either:

  1. Cancel the booking prior to commencement of the rental period and refund in full all payments made up to the date of cancellation; or
  2. If the rental period has already commenced, terminate your stay prior to the end of the rental period and refund the Rental Fee on a pro rata basis.

The Owners will have no further liability in respect of a cancelled booking in these circumstances.

Arrival and Departure

Accommodation is available from 4pm on the day of arrival. Departure time is 10am.  Accommodation must be left clean and tidy upon departure.


The Rental Fee includes provision of the following services:

Electricity and gas
Unlimited Wifi
Bed linen (for bookings of two weeks or more additional linen will be provided)
A first supply of logs
Dog towels and bowl

Utility Supply

The Owners accept no liability for system electrical outages or shortage of water as a result of drought or an act or omission of the relevant utility supply company or for any other reason outside of the Owners’ reasonable control.

Breakages, Damage and Cleaning

Please notify the Owners of any breakages or damage before you leave the Accommodation. We do not charge for breakages or damage occurring as a result of normal usage but will require payment for breakages or damage resulting from reckless behaviour or the actions of pets. No cleaning services are provided during your stay. An extra set of bed linen will be provided for a 2 week stay.

Smoking and Vaping

There is a strict no-smoking or vaping policy throughout the Accommodation. If Guests choose to smoke outside the Accommodation cigarette ends must not be left in the gardens. 


Osdale Farmhouse and Osdale Byre can each accommodate 3 pets. Each pet will incur a £10 per week charge and must be agreed with the Owners at the time of booking. Dogs are not allowed on bedding and pets must not be left unattended at the Accommodation unless in a secure pet crate. The Owners reserve the right to make additional charges for cleaning if these terms are not observed.

All pets must be under close control at Osdale Cottages and not allowed to disturb neighbouring Guests. Guests must clear up any mess left by pets within the grounds. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times on farmland surrounding Osdale Cottages in order to protect livestock.


Guests must leave the Accommodation secure when left unoccupied during the period of stay. All windows and doors must be securely shut when the Accommodation is unattended in order to protect it from the changeable weather prevalent on the Isle of Skye.

Good Conduct

The Booking Guest is responsible for ensuring all Guests are aware of these terms and conditions. The Owners expect and require all Guests to treat the Accommodation with respect and to be considerate and not cause a nuisance or disruption to other Guests at Osdale Cottages.  The Owners reserve the right to demand immediate vacation of the Accommodation if Guests are not complying with these terms and conditions or where conduct is considered by us to cause, or be likely to cause, danger, upset or distress to a third party or be detrimental to the Accommodation or the reputation of Osdale Cottages. No refunds will be made in these circumstances.

Injury, Loss or damage

The use of the Accommodation, grounds, roadway and equipment is at the Guests’ risk. Except as required by law, the Owners accept no liability for death or injury to any Guest or the injury, damage or loss of pets, belongings or vehicles, however caused.

Acceptance of these terms and conditions

The Owners will deem payment of a Rental Fee or deposit thereon as acceptance by the Booking Guest of these terms and conditions.  

Governing Law

These terms and conditions and any contract entered into hereunder between the Booking Guest and the Owners are subject to the laws of Scotland.